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cyclica’s smart battery

the future of energy

energy storage is vital for the future of energy and we recognized that quite some time ago

To stop climate change and save the environment the world will need renewables and electrification of the economy and transport – both require the ability to store large amounts of energy, i.e. batteries.

This has been obvious for a long time but action was mostly not taken until recently – and mostly in the Far East.
A worrying lack of vision.

We in Phase Motion Control recognized this issue since 2015 and started R&D and production engineering in the field to be prepared for a market which was bound to grow.

Now, after years of R&D and the development of significant IP, the battery initiative is poised to start a faster growth phase.
Cyclica was created to inherit the IP and the business developed in Phase and concentrate solely on storage.

Energy storage is vital for the future of energy

Sources: Statista, Bloomberg

The global market for battery manufacturing is expected to grow from 41 B$ in 2021 to [Y] in [2026], with a 18 % CAGR.

The market continues to be dominated by Li-Ion batteries.

Higher powr density and have longer life cycles vs other technologies. 
Li-Ion batteries are projected to total sales of $92bn in 2026.

Such impressive growth will be largely fueled by:

Demand for Electric Vehicles (1 in 4 cars sold in 2030 is forecast to be battery-powered).
Widespread use of e-bikes, whose market is projected to hit $53.5bn in 2027.
Increase in energy production from renewables.
Push towards electrifications of ships and planes.